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Payment by credit card is certainly easy and convenient, but in rare cases may fail.

Why credit card payment has not been made, despite receiving the message "Payment completed successfully"?

Credit card payments are handled by Allegro Payments system. As grounds for cancellation of the trade word translation company reports the following:

"... I'm sorry, but we do not give specific reasons for canceling, these are our internal security procedures ... We would like to inform you that the payment has been canceled by our department
Security, however, reason cancel the transaction may be shown bidder. "

If and when I get my money for a payment made​​:

".. when defining a method of payment means are blocked on the card until it is complete. If you cancel the transaction, the bank receives the information indicating that the transaction did not take place in a few days and releases the lock."

The above message clearly shows that the money will be returned, but it may take a few days.

If I cancel the transaction settles the invoice?

However, invoices are settled only at the time the funds to our bank account. In the case of ordinary transfers, you can speed up the process by sending a confirmation of the transfer. The card payments have no such option.