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Reverse DNS translation or English language: Reverse DNS or RevDNS is a system of servers and communication protocol that is part of the DNS. This system allows for the implementation of the inverse problem than most DNS - Reverse DNS translates IP address understood by the devices in the computer network addresses known to Internet users. By using the RevDNS IP address, can be converted into a corresponding mnemonic - pl.wikipedia.org.


The only option RevDNS settings on your virtual machine is in contact with employees by address: pomoc@exone.pl.
In the subject line, we have:
 "RevDNS, ID on VPS (here enter the server id)".

As content: 
"Please activate RevDNS on my server.
IP: (here enter the IP address of the server).
Domain Name: (Enter the domain name that you want to set as the RevDNS)