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Exone's Client Panel

Videos related to servicing the Customer Panel.

The use of VMware VPS

Support and the use of VMware vSphere Client

The use of OpenVZ VPS

Support and the use of OpenVZ VPS


Accounting for the transfer of VPS servers

Periods of settlement amounts in the transmitted data are different depending on virtualization, which is purchased VPS.

Free DNS server for your VPS in eXone.pl

For your servers based on virtualization we provide free DNS server. This allows you to hook up to the VPS any domain that you own. We also provide few free domains in which you can create the subdomain.

40GB free hard disk space

Anyone who orders a vps server in our company, gets an extra 40GB of storage for free.

Credit Card Payment

Płatność karta kredytową jest bez wątpienia łatwa i wygodna, jednak w nielicznych przypadkach może się nie powieść. Dlaczego płatność kartą kredytową nie została zrealizowana, mimo otrzymania komunikatu "Płatność zrealizowano pomyślnie"?

Double top-up SMS

During sms payment in our company, SMS code is generated only once. What if the code is sent repeatedly?

Setting RevDNS on VPS

RevDNS is a system of servers and communication protocol that is part of the DNS. This system allows for the implementation of the inverse problem than most DNS - Reverse DNS translates IP address understood by the devices in the computer network addresses known to Internet users.

An earlier date of payment for services

In view of the relatively long lead-times for money transfers, issue a proforma invoice with an earlier date. We are trying in this way avoid a situation where the server is blocked due to nonpayment of subscription.

The upgrade commands before using the VPS

Before you begin working with Linux, FreeBSD installed on the VPS should follow a few basic commands updating.

Payments by PayPal

PayPal only for customers with a full registration. Our address is: bok@km-net.pl. In the title please quote the invoice.

System installation by you

Installation of the image. ISO for Windows 2000/XP/2003 is very complicated and requires the user to have some knowledge in the installation of additional drivers for the controller and SCSI adapter. The installation of additional drivers are needed because ....

Windows XP without a license

Windows XP without a license is a ready to use installed and configured, however, without a license or without a product key and a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) for use with Windows XP ....

Changing parameters VPS server

Yes, it is possible to improve all parameters available in the calculator VPS servers. Zmiany można dokonać poprzez http://panel.exone.pl , zmiany parametrów zostaną wprowadzone automatycznie, oraz nie wpłyną w żaden sposób na dane znajdujące się na serwerze VPS.

VPS server tests

Yes, we have prepared a cheap opportunity to test VPS available at http://www.exone.pl/serwery/vps/serwery-testowe/

Installing the operating system on a VPS

There are two ways to install systems: automatic installation by http://panel.exone.pl or manual (self-install ISO) through the vSphere console.

Self-administration of a VPS server

Self-administration of a VPS server requires the user to have sufficient knowledge about the system and basic concepts.

Why I see 100% use of RAM in my VPS site on panel.exone.pl?

widget shows the memory usage of a VPS server with the mother, not the VPS system. To check the actual memory usage to run this from the system ....

Management of Personal Information

In connection with questions concerning certificates for Personal Data Protection is the part coming from the official website of the GIODO.

Recommended Requirements for programs such as FOREX

Programs such as FOREX do not have very high hardware requirements. It is worth while to remember that they work under Windows, which is the hardware requirements are a little higher.

What is the vSphere console and where can I download it?

VSphere console is a program used to connect to a virtual machine in such a way that if the monitor, keyboard and mouse are connected to a local computer. This enables complete control over the virtual machine from the BIOS.

Description of the installation Counter-Strike 1.6 (HLDS) on the server VPS

Installing the required software on the system CentOS 5.5 32 bit.

Description of the installation Counter-Strike: Source (SRCDS) on the server VPS

Installing the required software on the system CentOS 5.5 32 bit.

Temporary system login lock

Windows XP has a defense mechanism and is caused by typing an incorrect password three times up. Perhaps a person / bot third party attempts to guess the password ...

Applications not allowed on our servers

The VPS servers are frequently used applications vulnerable to various attacks. An attack on a single server vps can disrupt several other servers on the machine, which is why they are so desirable.

Time Zone change

How do I change the time zone in CentOS and Debian systems.

Character encoding ssh

How do I change the character encoding before connecting putty ssh program. The types of encodings for a given system on a VPS server.